Wanna Know Me???

Hello! Salman here. A Corporate Finance Professional by the day, and a wanna-live-my-life dude once that mechanical daily money-making process is over.


It might come as a surprise, but I am a Bachelor’s in Computer Science plying my trade as a Financial Controller. It was fate though that led me this route. How was I able to achieve success in a field totally different to what I studied? Nothing’s impossible, you’d always find a way given the will is there. My Secret :P! I was always in love with numbers. Mathematics fascinated me since I was a kid.

Don’t wanna talk much about my professional accomplishments but will sum my professional self as someone who has reached great heights (if not the peak) in a relatively short period of time through a lot of craft and graft. That doesn’t mean it’s over, I believe in evolution and evolving with time and would like to believe that this is the beginning of something even bigger. I do free lance my professional services. Can help you loads in Finance, be it Excel wizardry, simple spread sheets to complex financial modelling, policy writing, setting up internal controls, cost optimization and the list goes on and on.

Corporate Finance isn’t the only thing I am good at. English, though not my mother tongue, but was always a language that fascinated me since childhood. I scored an 8.0 in IELTS recently. I used to write articles for a beauty-focused website called bbnmagazine.com. I was managing social media for the same as well. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the owner’s primary business and when the economic downturn hit this part of the world, he closed it downIMG_1089. It was a great experience though. If you are looking for someone to write articles or manage your social media for your business, just get in touch.

Other than this, I am in love with Play Station. It’s like the thing I have spent most of my freakin free time on. FIFA! I’m kinda addicted to it. Call of Duty too. Love Football (or soccer if you are from the US). Used to play it since childhood like crazy. Watch English Premier League regularly. Chelsea is MY club. A life-long supporter, fell in love cuz of Frank Lampard, the best goal scoring midfielder ever, scored 200+ goals from midfield whereas strikers are happy if they achieve 150 in their whole career. Love you Frank. Didier Drogba as well. Didn’t see a center forward like him till date. He was a menace. Snooker is another game that I played a lot, was very very good at it, didn’t get the chance to pursue both of these sports as a career or would have been something. But that’s just destiny. Life’s not over yet so the future will define if that “being something” thing will stay a dream or become a reality.

Can’t say i told you everything unless I mention my love for movies. Love movies with a strong and catchy story line.

Last but not least I believe a lot in spirituality and Love.

I guess that’s pretty much it. If you would wanna find out more about me (from here on in it’s personal), feel free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy the blog though! If you do, don’t forget to Like!