About Me

I was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan but have called Vancouver, Canada home since 2013.  This blog is a collection of some of my writing. There are likely other pieces that I simply haven’t gotten around to uploading.

I do not write for a living, so there is no set schedule or rationale behind why and when I sit down to write. My topics of interest mostly include politics, fiction, poetry and perhaps some random ramblings from everyday life about everything and anything.

In a previous lifetime, I also self-published a book via Amazon, but due to incredible demand ( it sold 5 copies, 4 of which I bought myself ), I took it off.

Outside of writing, I do ( or try to ) some occasional stand-up comedy around Vancouver.  I’ve also dabbled in playing music, acting and doing amateur moviemaking in the past.

So please read. Or don’t. Or whatever.

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