Pakistan and the Ahmaddiya Community

We have been here. This is not the first, nor will this be the last time.

The Ahmadiyya community is under attack again. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Remember Ashfaq Ahmed, the veterinary? Remember the chakwal mosque burning? Remember the signs outside Hafeez Centre in Lahore? Remember the US based doctor, Mehdi Ali Qamar? Remember Professor Tahira Abdullah? Remember Advocate Rauf Ahmad Thakur? member Dr.Abdus Salam?

Lets come back to the present.

Enter Captain Safdar. Pointless and as useful to Pakistan as tobacco is to a lung cancer patient.

But now he has suddenly become a little more useful. Not to the sane and civilized. But to the insane and barbaric, of which we have plenty. One needs to be a special kind of crazy to spit venom in the highest democratic intuition in the country, and Captain Safdar has passed that test with flying colours.

What is his problem with the Ahmaddiya country?

Let’s rephrase?

What is Pakistan’s problem with the Ahmaddiya country?

Safdar knows he will find plenty of sympathizers. After all, this is the same country that gave Mumtaz Qadri a funeral the history books will write about. This is the same country that made a lot of noise when a clause regarding the finality of the prophethood on the Election Bill 2017 was edited. The reason? The Ahmaddiya community.

They don’t believe in the finality.

The solution?

Let’s start by loading some guns, which is the solution to most things in Pakistan – right?

The anti-Ahmadi sentiment is something most of us have grown up with. While our families and friends may not promote violence, there is a significant sense of internal dislike towards the Ahmadi community. Not only do we rubbish the community’s belief system quite regularly, distasteful jokes about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad are just as common. All because we, the all knowledgeable Pakistani Sunnis, are the defenders of this faith.

Which faith, again?

The one we raise our voices for when we hear about atrocities in Burma. The one we fight for when Donald Trump utters something against it.

The same faith that practices pin drop silence against atrocities at home. Ironic, no?

Where is Imran Khan, that champion of change? Will he defend the Ahmadis? Where is Nawaz Sharif, that champion of reform and democracy? Will he defend the Ahmadis? No they won’t. Because supporting the Ahmaddiya community does not get you votes.

The only one defending the Ahmaddiya community is the youngest and least experienced of them all – Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Yet he is the one we like to ridicule the most. Well done Pakistan.

So here we are again. Another day, another anti-Ahmaddiya speech. A regular day in Pakistan. One might suggest a solution to this, but the only unfortunate solution lies in members of the Ahmaddiya community moving abroad. A lot of them have taken that wise decision already, and a lot of them will do so in the future. A country that shows no signs of ending mindless religious persecution is not worth living in. Not for them. Not for their families.

When we get bored of spewing venom against the Ahmaddiya community, we can switch towards India and how Hindu nationalism is crippling Muslim progress over there.

But wait.

The same country also had a member of its Ahmaddiya community lead an Air Force parade last week. Not simply be a part of – but lead.

Would something like this happen in Pakistan? If we had it our way, we would place dead squads in hospitals to take care of children born to Ahmaddiya famiies as soon as they come out of the womb.

For shame Pakistan, for shame.








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