Hey White Person – A Response

Hey White Person – I came across the leaflets you splashed across various locations in Canada. As a recent immigration to the country, i  was understandably put-off. But you’re angry. You’re frustrated. And you want answers, right? Read on :

Tiered of political correctness?

Political correctness is not about preventing debate. It’s about keeping basic decency intact.  Yes there are thorny issues that people may not touch under the veil of political correctness, but that does not mean that those issues cannot be discussed. All issues can be discussed, provided that we do so in a civilized manner that is not intentionally inflammatory to the person holding an opposite view. You may hold views that are deemed ‘politically incorrect’, but you have every right to express them given that you do so in a mature manner that is open to a constructive argument that involves giving the opposite side a fair chance to answer in an equally mature manner.

Wondering why only white countries have to become multicultural?

While countries certainly aren’t the only ones becoming multicultural. Non-white countries are experiencing a growth in multiculturalism too. Take India as one example among many. The country is home to a multitude of languages, religions,  cuisines and customs. Does that imply that India does not have its share of evils? Of-course not.India is home to countless social, economic and political problems. This phenomenon is similar across other countries, white or otherwise, that experience significant multiculturalism. But the argument that only white countries are becoming multicultural is simply not true.

Figured out that diversity only means less white people?

No it does not. Diversity means every setting where different backgrounds are celebrated and respected. It stands for minorities and majorities living in peace despite the difference in absolute numbers. There is no concentrated effort in the western world to ‘outnumber’ white people by making society more diverse. Bringing diversity down to mere racial terms, is the wrong of looking of things to begin with. Diversity can include everything from language to religion and what not, and with that said, white people are an extremely diverse lot themselves. That is something to celebrate. Not condemn.

Sick of being blamed for all the world’s problems?

Being blamed for a problem is never a good feeling, and it is correct that the white population is blamed for a lot of the world’s problems.But so is the Muslim population, and so are so many other populations. Does that imply that everyone deserves blame? The truth is that we all share the blame for making the world a difficult place to live in. It is not correct to put the blame on an only one set of people. Never was. Never will be. The world is too complicated to be ruined by only one group.You and i, we all share the blame.

Tired of being told you’re racist for celebrating your heritage?

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your heritage. What’s wrong is thinking that your heritage is superior to others. No heritage is superior. No heritage is inferior.  Live and let live.

Disgusted by the garbage on television?

Don’t worry, we all are. It’s one thing that is common across as people, no?

Don’t see a future for yourself or your family?

The economy is tough. The society is tough. Jobs are hard to come by. People are scared. All these concerns are justified.But the answer to this is fighting for an economic system that works for all of us. Not just a particular population. We all are children of the same mother earth, and we all deserve a strong future for ourselves and our family. The solution to this lies in fighting against the economic elite, not against non-white people.
Questioning when immigration will stop?

It won’t. We live in a globalized world. Immigration is faster, smoother and easier than ever before. And it is a good thing. The exchange of ideas and resources across borders benefits us all as long as we stop looking for scapegoats. Immigration does not make ‘natives’ worse off. There have been countless studies that have proved otherwise – immigration actually helps an economy grow faster, paving the way for prosperity.

Join a political force. Make a difference. But don’t do so because you’re white and you’re angry at the non-white population. Do so because you want to contribute to everyone’s betterment, including your own, and you don’t believe in hate speech.There is power in numbers, and you need to realize that the real enemy isn’t your Muslim, Asian or African neighbor – the real enemy is the economic elite that has stomped over your right to a respectable life.



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