Hamza Ai Abbasi’s Selective Humanity

The recent attack in Paris was a day that represented humanity’s darkest side. It shook France, it shook Europe and it shook the world. While there was an outbreak of grief and support for the victims, our very own Facebook enigma, Hamza Ali Abbasi, opened up his usual can of hate mongering with the following status update:

No one denies that people have vested interests, and in matters of geo-politics, there will always be some form of selectivism. No one also denies that the selectivism in question needs to be highlighted. But is it necessary to take up an anti-western stance in times like these?

Is it mandatory to feed on hate in times like these? Is it compulsory to take out the victim card?

There is a time and place for everything, and the attack on Paris was not the time to do the aforementioned things.

This was a time to unite and recognise that we all face a common enemy that has no religion, faith, and humanity. This was a time to highlight how the world needs to come together and fight this very enemy. This was a time to self-reflect and see what part we are playing in making the world a better and safer place, not just for us, but the generations that will follow. This was not the time to spew hate. This was not the time to brush up conspiracy theories. This was not a time to divide the world by using the victim card.

Frantic religious nationalism and playing the victim card is a dangerous thing to begin with. When it is practiced by someone who is in the public eye and has a large support base, the effect multiplies. Abbasi needs to realise this, and the sooner he does, the better. As a public figure, he has the unique opportunity to preach tolerance and unity, but unfortunately, he seems to be hell bent on playing the anti-western world drum, using ironically, a western social media platform.

On top of this, Abbasi only seems to be interested in voicing his opinions when it comes to tragedies linked to the Muslim world. One should ask him, if he is against hypocritical attitudes, why does he not display support for tragedies than unearth in the non-Muslim world? Has he ever condemned the Holocaust? Has he ever condemned the atrocities in China?  Has he ever spoken to raise awareness for issues in Africa? Does he condemn the 9/11 blasts every year?

Of course he does not.


Because these tragedies do not involve Muslims.

It is safe to say that Abbasi, just like millions of others, practices the same level of hypocrisy that he blames the western world for. He himself is practicing selective humanity and to quote the man himself, “it is exactly this ‘selective’ humanity and imperialistic mind-set which leads to hatred”.

The post was published on the Express Tribune Blogs on November 16, 2015.

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